Tips to Manage Work-Life Balance

March 1, 2018


Today, chasing your dreams means finding a way to balance your real job, with your dream job on top of your real life.

How do we do it? My guess is that caffeine goes a long way for many of us, but that's not the only driver. No one word can answer that question. If Passion, Resolve and Fire had a baby, then that would be the word.

In the last few years, I have found myself surrounded by people that have decided not to sit back and let life pass them by. These people have found the determination to make time to take on their dreams. Look around, you might also notice that there are lot's of people that can be called Jack's of All Trades. People that make the decision to say to themselves, "I've got more to give!" or "I'm not letting go of my dream!" found that 94% of working professionals clock in over 50 hours per week, some hitting well over 65 hours per week. Yeah, I can see that. With smart phones being the holy grail devices that we have turned them into, more people are easily accessible and find it hard to unplug, or "go off the grid" like a former supervisor used to say. I wasn't surprised by these findings, I see it in my home, amongst my friends, and family. But, what I also see is this urge to be more than what we are. In the past, one may have received a one-worded answer when asking someone, "So, what do you do?" Today, that is often a fully loaded question. 


In my opinion,  a Ted-Talk series on, explains why we choose to take on multiple projects and dreams perfectly: For the first time in history, the majority of American parents don't think their kids will be better off than they were. This shouldn't be a cause for alarm, says journalist Courtney E. Martin. Rather, it's an opportunity to define a new approach to work and family that emphasizes community and creativity. "The biggest danger is not failing to achieve the American Dream," she says in a talk that will resonate far beyond the US. "The biggest danger is achieving a dream that you don't actually believe in."


We may be at a nine-to-five during the day, homework with kids after work, starting up our own businesses in the middle of the night, but that doesn't make us insane. I think we are teaching our kids to be introspective, so that they can tap into all of their talents. So that they do not put all of their eggs in one basket, and rather learn to be adaptable and creative. I think we have all learned that job security feels like a thing of the past, and we have to be open to learning and taking chances. All industries go through changes, and often quickly. We cannot let our kids think that focusing on one trade will be enough. More importantly, I wouldn't want my child to choose a career that she is not passionate about. I don't want her to feel trapped. I want her to see me fighting for more, and to see that I do not give up. I have a gift that I would love to share with the world, and it would be a shame to leave the world without letting anyone know about it. 

There is an overload of media and electronics today, there is no doubt. It wasn't like that when I was a kid. But, we can use technology to our advantage by helping it organize our crazy schedules. I usually say, "I'll sleep when I'm dead," and though I agree with my philosophy, I do know its important to step back and chill once in a while. In order for schedules to feel less chaotic, it helps to organize and compartmentalize our disparate-like projects and activities, so that they can feel more cohesive and planned. 


In another Ted Talk, Laura Vanderkam said, "Time will stretch to accommodate what we choose". We can be less stressed about not having time if we accept that we are in control of making the choices on what we spend our time doing. We need to know that its okay to say no sometimes, and to give certain things up to make room for other things. Timing is all about choices. Rather than arguing with time, we should be acknowedging that we are in control by the choices we make. If we choose to be Jack's of All Trades, then so be it, but also reflect on that choice and make sure it satisfies you as a whole. If there is no longer passion, resolve and fire, then its time to reevaluate. If it is only bringing stress to you and your family, then its time to revaluate. If you think you just need to reorganize, then start by charting down all of your activities and make choices. Prioritize. Because, "Time will stretch to accommodate what we choose".


Three Scientifically Backed De-Stressing Tactics

According to Huffington Post, there are some simple de-stressing tactics that we can all do to help relieve the pressure from our hectic work schedules. Three easy tips are:


  • Go for a ten minute walk. A change of scenery does a work of good. If you feel overwhelmed or stuck in a fog, stepping away for fresh air, or to reset, helps!

  • Visualize. Occasionally we lose sight of the reasons we are working so hard. Keep a vision board nearby that you can turn to in those moments, and visualize your end goals coming to fruition. This not only helps with de-stressing, this also helps with positive affirmation. If you believe in your goal and visualize it working out, studies have shown that success soon follows.

  • Watch a video that has gone viral. Studies show that laughter really is the best medicine. A good laugh over a video-gone-viral, will boost endorphins through your bloodstream. 

For more tips on de-stressing, check out 20 Scientifically Backed Ways to De-Stress Right Now.



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