A Quick Update

August 15, 2018


It has been a while since I updated everyone on the status of my writing projects, so here it is. Thanks to one of my closest friends (many, many, many thanks), I connected with an editor from a large production company. After reaching out to the editor via email, she asked me to send her samples of my work. I sent her several chapters of my first completed novel, a few of my blog articles, and a short synopsis of my current work in progress. Wish me luck that it opens doors for me!


I may have mentioned it before, but in case anyone has forgotten what my current project is: I am writing a historical fiction set in 1938. Abby, a 16 year old Jewish girl, has to escape Germany with her family. Her family, and another family that they are close to, decide to run away together. Now, besides the obvious fear and chaos that comes with running away from persecution, Abby has to deal with being pinned to Max - the only son of the other family. A year and a half ago that would have been fine, but he hasn't spoken to her in that much time, and she doesn't know why. 


He's strange now; he’s not the same boy that she grew up with, and he's no longer her best friend. She needs him now more than ever because only he could know how to make her feel better. There is an aura of loneliness that looms over this era, and that loneliness is tripled for Abby by her parents preoccupation with their safety and Max's avoidance of her. 


Will their families survive Hitler's reign? What will become of Max and Abby's relationship?


Sometimes love is the only thing that can help you survive the worst of tragedies. Love is the only thing that can't be ripped away from you. Loved ones can be taken, but not the memories filled with love, because they live on in your heart.


I've kept this story in my own heart for over six years, and I am so excited to let it pour out of my head and into my laptop, and one day onto your bookshelves!


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