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May 27, 2018


I am honored to have been allowed to share the following piece from thirteen year old writer, Ariana Alma Rivera. Writing is therapy for many of us, the same goes for reading. When thoughts are compiled into words on a page, they should evoke emotion; they should move you or make you think. Thirteen is a surprisingly young age to reflect such introspective thinking, such as Ari captures in the guest post below, but then again, Ari has been a deep thinker and writer since the day she could hold a pen. 

Why must the color of my skin be like a cage 

Something that holds me back from ever amounting to anything 

Something that prevents me from achieving 

Why must it dictate so much 

My education 

My career 

The college I attend

All dictated by something so simple 

Why must it matter

I was always told to be proud of my heritage 

Yet how can I do this when my heritage is being discriminated against

How can I be proud of something that makes me lower than the rest 

Why must my gender make me less valid than you 

A social injustice that I thought we put an end to fifty years ago 

But I get it 

The whole double negative thing 

I’m a Puerto Rican young woman

And that somehow makes me less of a person 

Even though I was told we’re all equal 

Why am I statistic

A number on a chart 

Because where I go to school has a reputation of having uneducated people of color

Somehow I become one of them 

Because obviously we’re all the same 

I have a name you know 

Why am I still fighting a war that I thought was already won 

When we decided that men and women were equal 

Maybe I guess they forgot to mention that people of color were left out of that equation 

Why must I have to break a glass ceiling to have my name recognized 

In a world of people who just don’t pay attention 


I don’t understand 

Someone enlighten me

And if not 

Let me get this through your heads

I am not a number 

Another statistic on a chart 

Another stereotype 

I am proud to say, an intelligent, creative, Puerto Rican girl 

Who plans to make a difference 

And when I do 

You best believe you’ll know my name

I'd like to thank Ari for the courage to share thoughts that were born out of a deeply personal experience. Mostly, I want to thank her for finding strength within herself, to not allow anything or anyone stop her.

You can read more of her poems on her Wattpad page, by following this link, @Arifeels1106.

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